4th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research
19 - 21, 2016, Shanghai, China

论文征集   Call For Papers

Dear all,

Due to the huge interest in the conference (CASLAR-4) and many requests to extend the deadline of abstract submissions
the Organizing Committee decided to honor the requests and extends the deadline to APRIL 1st.

Online submission: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=caslar2016

Istvan Kecskes
President, CASLAR

第四届CASLAR征求与汉语教学(汉语作为第二语言)相关理论和研究的论文报告。请发表人准备 20 分钟的口头报告(15 分钟发言及 5 分钟回答问题),以下为建议的投稿主题范畴,但投稿不以此为限。

CASLAR-4 invites proposals for presentations that are related to research, and theory in any area of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL). Those wishing to participate should prepare abstracts for 20 minute presentations (15 minutes plus 5 minute Q & A). Below there are some suggested categories for topics, though submissions need not be limited to these areas..


  • 汉语教学(汉语作为第二语言)的习得与发展
  • 文化在汉语习得中的作用
  • 汉语作为第二语言/外语之教学及教学法
  • 汉语教学中的语用学
  • 汉语习得之认知研究
  • 汉语作为第二语言远程学习
  • 科技与汉语教学
  • 汉语作为第二语言教学之电脑辅助沟通
  • 汉语语法、词汇习得
  • 汉字习得与认知
  • 汉语作为第二语言的篇章研究
  • 汉语作为第二语言的教材设计
  • 汉语作为第二语言发展过程中的社会化概念
  • 语言学理论在汉语教学语料中的应用
  • 汉语学习动机研究
  • 汉语作为第二语言对母语的影响
  • 汉语作为第二语言的能力评量

Suggested Topic Areas:

  • Acquisition and development of CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)
  • Role of culture in the acquisition of CSL
  • Research-Based Language Teaching Methodology for Chinese as a second / foreign language
  • Pragmatics of using Chinese as a second language
  • Cognitive aspects of CSL acquisition
  • Distance Learning in CSL
  • Technology and CSL
  • Computer-mediated communication in CSL
  • Acquisition of Chinese grammar, vocabulary
  • Chinese character acquisition and recognition
  • Discourse in CSL
  • Designing materials for CSL instruction
  • Conceptual socialization in the process of developing CSL
  • Application of linguistic theories to Chinese L2 data
  • Motivation to learn Chinese
  • Effect of CSL on L1
  • Assessment of proficiency in CSL

投稿 Submission:

Abstract submission Deadline: March 15, 2016
Submissions are to be made by email (see below) as an email attachment to:
In the subject line of the e-mail, please write: CASLAR abstract +Your Name, and should include the following:
Attendee's Information: Name of author(s)/presenter(s), Gender, Affiliation and title, Nationality, Email, Postal address, and Phone & fax numbers.

重要日期 Important Dates

--论文摘要截稿:  2016年4月1日

--Abstract Submissions Due:April 1,2016

摘要 Abstract:

论文摘要以中文或英文撰写。中文摘要约600字之内,英文摘要约350 words(A4或Letter Size、12号字、单间行距)须包含题目及关键字。摘要应概述研究目的、方式、主要结果,及其应用(如有相关)。




Abstracts should be written in English or Chinese. Abstract length: maximum 350 words (or about 600 Chinese characters) with title and keywords (A4 or Letter size, 12 points in single space). The abstract should summarize the purpose of the study, methods, main results, and implications (if relevant).

Participants are invited to submit their abstract online at the site: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=caslar2016